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Estate Vineyards

von Strasser Estate vineyard

(middle third of AVA, 500’ to 1000’ elevation)  

When Rudy and Rita purchased the old Roddis Winery in 1990, the vineyards were planted in two stages. The oldest block, 2 acres in size, was planted in the 1960’s to budwood from Martha’s Vineyard. The second block, 4 acres in size, was planted in 1983, also with budwood from Martha’s Vineyard. In 1991, the von Strasser’s embarked upon a vineyard modernization, changing the entire vineyard to a high density, vertical trellis system. An acre of Petit Verdot was planted that year with an eye towards its future use in a unique Reserve bottling.

In 1998, a new piece of hillside land was cleared and planted to vineyard. In 2005 we grafted the Austrian varietal Grüner Veltliner on to some old Merlot Stocks on the Estate floor. The property is 35 acres in size. 15 acres are planted to vines consisting of: Cabernet Sauvignon (12 acres), Petit Verdot (1 acre), Malbec (1 acre) and Grüner Veltliner (1 acre)

In July of 2011, we replanted our oldest vines on the Estate vineyard near the tasting room.