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Rudy's News

25th Anniversary Thoughts


            25 years is a long time! For many people, 25 years spans the majority of their professional career. The average American family will have moved 4 times, changed jobs 6 times, and have owned 9 different cars.

             However in the life of a winery, 25 years seems like a blink of an eye. The vines that we planted 25 years ago are just beginning to yield those intense, concentrated characteristics we associate with mature vines. In fact, their best years are still ahead of them. The wines we made those first few vintages are still aging gracefully and drinking wonderfully for those patient enough to have set some aside. The beautiful Estate that my wife and I envisioned when we bought this property is still evolving with each passing season. And the family that we have been blessed with continues to mature and thrive.

             Since one’s 25th anniversary is great opportunity for reflection, we thought that we would take this opportunity to reflect upon and thank the two most important people that have made our ‘first’ 25 years possible. Firstly, a huge thanks to OUR FANS! It is you, our loyal clients that have afforded us the ability to build this Estate, plant and tend these special microclimates, and produce a product which we can all love and enjoy. It has been - and continues to be - a great ride for us. And we can honestly say that it would not have been possible, and also would not have been nearly as enjoyable, without having met all of you along the way.

             The equally important group that has made this journey possible are the gifted employees that have helped us attain our vision. This winery is truly a labor of love. Over the years we have been blessed that so many passionate and talented people have joined us, and in doing so left their own special mark upon the experience that is von Strasser.

             So please raise a glass of your favorite von Strasser wine with us and toast to the first 25 years. If you have a chance, please come visit us sometime over this celebratory year. If not, then feel free to share a memory of your relationship with our wines. We would love to hear from you. Click here to share your thoughts.